Saturday, March 22, 2008

What Do They Have that We Don't Have?

They, meaning the agony church. The persecuted church. The Christian church in pain. We, meaning the western church. The comfy church. The comfortable church. Are they really different from us, or is it only that there is a authorities in topographic point that detests Jesus Of Nazareth more than ours does? Or makes it intend that we don't talk up and talk out adequate for Jesus? Bash we talk the whole truth about Jesus or are we afraid of political correctness?

Consider the relatively recent narratives of the followers blood brothers and ses (these are current stories.) Perhaps in the reading, Supreme Being will convict us of work we are not doing, or at least do us thankful to belong to such as a fantastic household of people.

In CHINA, a curate functions a 3-year prison house sentence in a labour camp. His married woman have just been released, and now fearfully cares for their son. The pastor's Christian church have been raided during a worship service.

In PAKISTAN, two revivalists working with Moslem converts are attacked by the Taliban. One is shot and killed instantly. Threats to the other. Two Muslims wounded, one escapes.

In India a law have been passed in the state of Himachal Pradesh. Under it, anyone forcibly converting person can be imprisoned up to two years. In this state of six million, only eight thousand are Christian. Using this law, Hindus beat out three Christian brothers, giving them internal injuries.

In LAOS, 12 curates are arrested after meetings. One of them is being denied visitors.

And so on and on the cross of Jesus is carried . How we appreciate those who take upon them the very fictional character of Christ. May Supreme Being give us decorate to decease with them and with Him.

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