Monday, March 17, 2008

The Power Of Daily Prayer

A female parent with her dying child, placed on her lap, was bitterly sorrowful, she did not cognize what to do. Suddenly, a idea flashed across her mind. The Godhead spoke to her done the Holy Place Spirit: "Jesus Christ, who gave up His life on the cross can raise her up, travel and offering your invocation to Him."

She ran to her room, closed the door, placed the kid on the bed and prayed, crying out in a loud voice : " Lord, it is You who gave me this child! It is Your volition that this kid should dwell but not die, so that he will be brought up to function You. Attentiveness my prayer, Lord."

God hearken to the mother's supplication and saved the chid. He gave a new life to this dying child. Because of the female parent tears, the Godhead took compassionateness on her and released her kid from the shadow of death.

Even though I walk through the vale of the shadow of death,

I will fear no evil,

for you are with me;

your perch and your staff,

they comfortableness me. ( Psalm 23:4)

This female parent clung to the Lord, so the Godhead released her kid from the clasp of death.

Dear mothers! Are you living in sorrows? Are you tormented by the idea that you have got no 1 to comfortableness you in your grief? Remember, the Godhead is your comfortableness and your refuge. Open up your bosom and state the Godhead about your problems, crying out to Him, with tears, in a loud voice, pour out aluminum your sufferings to Him.

You can be certain that the Godhead will beef up you through the Holy Place Spirit.

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