Thursday, October 30, 2008

Changing Old Beliefs Takes Time!

Change began for me almost 7 old age ago now. And boy, was I impatient for alteration to take place! I wanted it all to be different--as of yesterday! That looks to be the manner our society is programmed nowadays. We are a 'quick fix' society. If we desire something, we've got to have got it right now! There should be no waiting delayed forbearance needed.

But that's not how internal alteration happens. If we throw deep-seated beliefs that we formed when we were very young, those beliefs are hard to change, to be sure. And often it's level hard to acknowledge that we necessitate alteration at all!

So how did it get for me? Well, honestly, I didn't travel looking for it. I was quite happy, as a substance of fact, to maintain my caput buried in the sand. In fact, if things didn't get to change around me, I might still be where I was 7 old age ago! Yes, even though there was some apprehension that things just weren't right, I still did not desire to look at my life. I stayed (unhappily) in denial for a very long time.

Then, one twenty-four hours a friend told me about a book she was reading. It was called "The Artist's Manner by Julia Campbell. That book is how my interior alterations started to come up about. The Artist's Manner is a life changing, twelve hebdomad programme that focuses on facing your feelings, for one thing. That is something I had never really been willing to do. Through the course of study of this book, I began to larn to journal-and quite possibly it was learning to diary my "Morning Pages" that began to convey feelings to the surface. Feelings I had pent-up for many, many years. I impute the beginning of alteration to this first experience. Completing this 12 hebdomad programme was the beginning of larger alteration for me.

I believe that if we take to disregard unhealthy behaviours or beliefs, that down the road, we will have got to come up human confront to face with them in one manner or another. And that is what happened to me. Basically, life as I knew it broke down completely, and I was not able to cope. My 'coping' chemical mechanism involved laying for hours and hours on my bed, staring at the wall. I did not understand it then, but I was dissociating. To disassociate agency to take oneself emotionally from things too painful to face. And at that time, my full life was too painful to face!

Somehow I knew I needed aid to acquire through this. So I went to my doctor, who set me in touching with a counselor. It was during that clip that I began to remember scenes of maltreatment from my childhood. Some of these were memories I had always carried with me, but I had told myself what happened was 'no large deal'. If anyone out there reading this have those memories and believes they were no large deal, believe me when I state that maltreatment of ANY sort IS a large deal. Childhood maltreatment freezings us in those childhood beliefs, and we basically go 'adult children'. The kid within us goes frozen, and cannot turn up. So every clip we meet events and states of affairs that gun trigger those feelings and beliefs within us, we go that panicky kid again. No substance how old we are! Until we can larn to reprogram those old tapes in our head; until we are able to confront the hurting we are feeling; until we are get to consciously change those old ways of thought and belief patterns, that terrified kid will go on to come up forth in our lives, and though we are adults, we act as children.

That is exactly what was happening, and had happened, to me. The grownup portion of me seemed taken over by a child, a kid that could not get by with the regular duties of an grownup life. It became so clear to me that the panicky kid was in charge. And what the panicky kid understood was dissociation.

Thus began the start of a very slow and painful process--facing the hurting that I had suppressed. And I was impatient! I retrieve going to the counsellor hebdomad after hebdomad and asking when will I be better? When will I be able to cope? When can I acquire back to life again? And she would say, in time, in clip you will acquire there. You must be patient with yourself.

If I learned nil else from that experience, I learned patience! And you cognize what? Though I doubted the counselor's promise that I would be well, she was totally right! As I entered each new form of my healing, I could see that yes, I was getting better! As I got to cognize that panicky kid inside me, as I began to larn to love her and re-parent her back to health, my outer life began to change dramatically too! Why? I began to see alteration because ultimately, as I learned to love and award the kid within, I was learning to love myself. That's a feeling I had never really known before.

This clip of healing did not come up quickly. In our society today we look to have to be able to make and have got got everything right now--but changing our emotions, beliefs, and the manner we make things twenty-four hours to day, makes not come up 'right now', no substance how impatient we are, or how we seek to hotfoot things, or how defeated we become! Change takes time, but the new life it can convey is deserving it a million modern times over.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Revisiting the Past With Today's Perceptions

We all have got got past experiences we would rather bury and have derived many ways of doing so. Some seek psychiatrical help. Others "blank" such as experience out. Still others "reshape the original" world into something more palatable and less painful. The most common attack we have got been taught is to "learn" from the experience, allow it travel and move on. I believe I have got tried them all. Much of my childhood and calendar months of my Viet Nam armed combat experience is blank. Both contained very painful experiences I strived to forget. A few old age ago, I decided to seek something different.

The human head is "wired" to bury pain. A few old age ago, I had a very serious bike accident and nearly died. I can remember the incident in minute item . . . except for the pain. Sure, I am aware there was intense hurting but that realisation is not nearly as clear as the other details, which are still as clear as crystal.

The fact is that every experience, good or bad, incorporates lessons. For example, from my bike accident, I certainly learned the benefit of wearing a helmet! The inquiry is, why would we desire to revisit them? Ah! This is one of the keys I have got discovered through Transformational Thinking to expanding awareness, and this is what I desire to share with you in this article.

Usually, when we revisit (remember) an experience, we be given to make so with our perceptual experience of that time, like an old tape replaying. A few old age ago, I began to inquire what it would it would be like if I revisited past experiences, good or bad, with today's perceptual experience and began to make so with unbelievable results. In fact, I am beginning to understand that this is the cardinal to the door leading from cognition and experience to wisdom.

We are able to "see" inside information that were always there but that we were simply not able to concentrate upon at the clip because of our head focusing only on those factors centered upon endurance or pleasure. In other words, we are able to spread out our consciousness of the event when we look at it with our current perception.

The first thing to see is that, no substance how painful the experience was, it is over. We are imperviable to additional pain! That takes attention of the fearfulness factor, often a hard barrier to acquire through. Once past that, we can now look around and "notice" all the other things that were happening at the clip and such as an experience have always been rewarding for me ever since I began applying this technique. It is, I suppose, very similar to what some depict as an out-of organic structure or near-death experience. Through emotional non-attachment, we can happen much to larn from the original experience we may have got missed on the first clip through.

Many claim that we should concentrate on the hereafter rather than the past. I differ for a good reason. In order to make a better future, we must understand the present and, in order to make that, we necessitate to cognize how we got here from there. We necessitate to develop our heads to clearly concentrate on all three: the past, present and future, in order to go more than adaptable and successful. It is only through this enlargement of consciousness that we can grow.

Let me set it into perspective. I lived much of my life with choler and that limited my ability to spread out my perception. Every clip I revisited an "bad" experience of the past, I did so with that anger. Later on in life, I was able to take that component of choler but it was a piece before I decided to revisit those events or experiences. When I did, I had a totally different outlook! I was also able to larn so much more than that I had missed during the original happening.

Although this may be a hard conception for some, see the following: As I revisit an old experience with new perception, I change the original event because I change the existent experience (or at least my perceptual experience of it). Now, I continue to the adjacent event with that changed perceptual experience and the consequence is equally or more than so different. We are talking about expanding one's life experience here and nil less. Think about what that means!

That is precisely what Iodine have got done and, the more than I make it, the greater the parametric quantities of my perceptual experience expands. Every revisit is more than expanding. It is a coiling rhythm achieved with nil more than the mind. It is something we are all capable of doing.

If you really desire to better your life, this is a great starting point. Can we really change the past? No, but we can change or spread out our perceptual experience of it. You have got that powerfulness right now. Start right now. Pick an experience and live over it, not with the purpose of re-experiencing what you did then, but with what you cognize now. Look at it with the intent of discovering all the acquisition points you put have got missed the first clip through. Bash so without fearfulness or anger, but with love and a desire to larn more. You will be amazed at the results.

The past, present and future are all interconnected. They are not the additive journeying we have got all been taught to accept. Learning is not a one-time event. Not if you larn ow to revisit the way with your current perceptual experience to make a better hereafter and recognize that volition be a different experience every clip you do. It will change you current perceptual experience and the rhythm simply goes on to spread out into true consciousness and wisdom.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What Happened?

One twenty-four hours we were blithely plodding along and all was as it should be. The adjacent moment, we hit a brick wall and life, as we knew it, came to a standstill. What happened? I am not talking about 9/11. I am addressing our recent economical implosion and doing so without any purpose of associating incrimination and shame. There is plenty of that, I am told, to travel around and, personally, I trust it does. I am more than concerned with what happened and why.

To state I am concerned with where all this is heading and the deductions involved would be the understatement of the century, immature though it may be. I am very concerned, as should be every citizen of the planetary small town in which we currently reside. This is serious stuff, folks, and we are all in this lifeboat together!

I am untalkative to accept "business as unusual" as adept within the Beltway. I am highly leery of the heads that got us into this messiness in the first topographic point when it come ups to bailing out the lifeboat in which we now happen ourselves. I subscribe to Einstein's theory that no job can be solved by the same consciousness that created it.

In 1908 today, John Ford introduced the theoretical account "T" and a whole new epoch was born. Today, their stock is down 34% even as I compose this. Chrysler and gram are experiencing similar bloodletting on the market, all this as the Senate is scheduled to vote later today on a proposition that we were told over a hebdomad ago was indispensable to survival. With all the add-on's. the bundle is now at a lurching 850 billion dollars as opposing to the originally proposed 700 billion. I am concerned that we are replacing a traditionally capitalistic system with a more than socialistic 1 and all the deductions that entails. I am concerned that a authorities that allowed all this to go on volition now be tasked with determination a solution to the fiscal sufferings that are very existent to mundane people.

I am not surprised that a huge bulk of Americans look opposed to this whole "bailout" package. What makes surprise and let down me is that their voices look to be going unheard and unheeded. Are not those in American Capital there to stand for the positions of their constituents? Whatever happened to the conception of a government

"for" the people? Could it be that we have got been existing in the misconception that we dwell in a democracy? I personally happen the political relation involved to be both disgustful and awkward and I trust Americans talk out against the atrocious activities in American Capital demonstrated by their elective representatives at the ballot box in November, regardless of their political preferences.

Sure, there is plenty of shame and incrimination to travel around, but we should not overlook our ain portion in this debacle. We have got allowed this to happen. We have got got relinquished control of our ain fate through our carelessness and laziness, not bothering to veterinarian or ballot those in whom we have entrusted so much power. We are now paying the painful terms for our deficiency of engagement and involvement.

It makes us no good to sit down on the outs of-bounds bemoaning our fate as victims of circumstance. It is clip to stand up up and do our voices heard. It is clip to enforce our volition on Congress and the senate, rather than the other manner around. Apparently, many Americans are already doing so. It was reported this morning time that congressional and senate letter boxes were so overloaded with e-mails from angry electors that the system was in danger of shutting down owed to the overload. Right on! More than ever, the Internet have given our voices volume and cogency as never before.

It all starts at the local level. It all starts with each of us and those we choose to stand for us. Unless and until we each go more than involved and included in the political process, we have got no right to kick about the farces created in our names. We necessitate to choose the "right" people and throw them accountable. My intent here is not to advocator 1 ticket or the other. It is to acquire people involved and included. The Shrub disposal is at an all-time low as far as blessing evaluations are concerned. The congressional degree is even lower. Yet, less than 50% of registered electors even bothered to vote in the last presidential election! That states me something.

We necessitate to educate ourselves and others about the issues and have got the tools to make so. We necessitate to aftermath up and take the guidance wheel back from the custody of those who stand for their ain interests, not ours. If ever there was a aftermath up call, this have been it for me and I trust the same is true for you.

One additional note: This is not intended to be just for Americans. This is not strictly an American issue; it is a planetary one. We are all topic to the tendencies as dictated by the markets. We are all life in a human race in which impact is far-reaching, contiguous and extremely volatile. No longer makes what we make in one portion of the human race be in isolation. Today, as never before, we are all interconnected. We necessitate to spread out our consciousness and consciousness to planetary proportions.

I am a house truster in the intrinsical goodness of people. I am also a strong advocate of all that United States represents. We have got somehow been led down the incorrect way and it is clip for us to recover control and start the ball peal down the right one, whatever that may be. It is clip for us to believe and enactment united. It is clip for us all to stand up together and hammer an United States we are proud to give to our children and our children's children as a permanent legacy.