Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Prophet Who Prefers God

When you have the Sealing Wax you will not fear the approaching End-times. For though your organic structure will surely die, your psyche will last and you will confront Judgment Day. So you will make up one's mind who you will believe before that happens.

"Fear not the 1s who kill the organic structure but can not kill the soul," Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Of Nazareth said, "but fearfulness the One able to destruct both psyche and organic structure in hell." Jesus travels on to demo you how Supreme Being gives life to the sparrows, and you are much more than valuable than them to God.

If you confess Jesus before men, He will confess you before His Father in Heaven. If you deny Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth before work force Jesus will deny you before His Father. And here is where Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Of Nazareth talks prognostication again.

"Do not believe I came to project peace upon the earth," Jesus said, "I came not to project peace but a Sword." That Sword is coming in the End-times upon all the people of the world, particularly upon those who profess to believe in Jesus.

But the Sword is not the concluding conflict or a great human race war. The Sword makes not come up on a big scale of measurement like that. It will come up on a little scale, dividing up families and corporate bodies.

Jesus talks of how the enemies of people will be those of their ain households. Because they are not meant to love their brethren or households or friends more than they love Jesus. This Sword will be a great Trial for all people.

The Sword will hit as the End-times are coming with clime change. This volition diagnostic test people all around the world. Volition they fault God? Volition they prefer those who can supply for them? Or will they love Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth all the more than when they can see they are losing their lives?

To be worthy of Jesus you will take up your cross and follow Him. And taking up your cross in the End-times intends accepting your life in this human race is ending and you have got no more than hope for this world. It intends accepting your death.

When you are sealed you will take up your cross day-to-day awaiting the approaching End-times. You will gladly lose your life in this human race for Jesus, and thus you will happen ageless Life in Heaven. And now you have got no choice. Global heating is making the human race uninhabitable.

When you are certain you will distribute the message about being sealed and the End-times. And those who have you have Jesus Of Nazareth also. So you are spreading the message of redemption as sent by God.

Those who have Jesus Of Nazareth have the Father who sent Him. And you are sent by the Father when you are sealed, having His Name written upon your forehead. You are sent to warn the human race to give up hope and bend to God.

"The 1 receiving a oracle in the name of a oracle shall have the pay of a prophet," Jesus Of Nazareth said. The same pay of a just adult male is paid for receiving a just man. And finally a pay is paid for one giving a drink of H2O to a child, in exchange for the charity.

Jesus was the original oracle of the End-times coming with clime change. Now the certain individual have been sent to you to corroborate that prophecy. And when you have the certain individual you too can be sealed.

That is receiving the pay of the prophet. You too can be sealed when you accept the prophecy. You will accept Jesus Of Nazareth and Supreme Being also, and Supreme Being will honor you by authorship His Name upon you so you belong to Him.

When you are sealed you will demo you belong to God. You will prefer Supreme Being and Jesus Of Nazareth to anyone else and you will distribute the message of the End-times when you have the Seal.

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