Friday, March 21, 2008

A Sabbath in Our Future?

What make you believe Jesus Of Nazareth believed about any hereafter usage of the Judaic (as we name it) Sabbath? Surely, if the Sabbath was to go through into history and be forgotten, He would not advert it as a hereafter possibility. Let's expression at the facts:

Matthew 24:20-21. "And pray that your flight may not be in wintertime or on the Sabbath, for then there will be great tribulation, such as as have not been since the beginning of the human race until this time, no, nor ever shall be."

The concurrence for at the beginning of poetry 21 golf course that poetry to the former one. The criterion instruction about this transition is that Jesus Of Nazareth had in head the devastation of Capital Of Israel in A.D. 70. But by linking the flight clip to the incomparable human race desolation Jesus Of Nazareth is telling us that His people will be having to cover with Sabbath issues even at the very end of this age. Saint Matthew 24:15 (the analogue passage) even directs a short letter to readers of this textual matter as a hint that even though Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth is addressing the twelve, a much future clip time period is being discussed.

Now why would Jesus inquire end-time believers to pray that their flight from a Holocaust not be on a Sabbath? Where is the tender-hearted instruction we have got heard throughout the Evangel about a Supreme Being who understands human need, and anticipates even donkeys to acquire a interruption on the 7th day? Would it count to Him that we were running for our lives on that day? Would we be "breaking" the Sabbath to fly from the military units of the antichrist? Saint Matthew Henry proposes that just as traveling in wintertime would be nerve-racking to the body, so traveling on Sabbath would wound the soul. He is talking to a people who cognize of and have got experienced the sugariness of that holy day. For them it is unthinkable that a full six years can be faced without that 24-hour breath from Heaven. If after a long work hebdomad their human race suddenly falls apart and they are forced to run for the hills on that day, then how can they confront the morrow?

Our mentality is so foreign to thought such as as as they had, that it is perhaps hard to conceive of why there is such dither over one single day. But the point here is that the Sabbath will be around in the years leading to the passage to the approaching Kingdom, albeit it is just to state that this warning message is addressed to atheistic Jews in the main. Whether believing Christians are included in this Sabbath pattern is a substance of contention and treatment among believers. It is for this ground that I turn to it.

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Harry said...

You are exactly right.

The parenthetical instruction "Let the reader understand" closely parallels an instruction that Habakkuk (Habakkuk 2: 2,3) received, to write down the vision for a future time, a time of the end.

A 70 AD fulfillment could have been passed on by word of mouth quite easily. As it is, the instruction to understand is meant for the people, who will see the time that the third temple is set up, from which we will see end times scenarios play out.

Could we see it in our lifetimes?
What exactly are we to 'understand'?

Excellent post,

Harry Thumberbe