Monday, January 21, 2008

Witnesses Must See Before They Say

"Oh, you can't believe refugees, they will state you anything you desire to hear." This quotation mark is from Jasper Becker and is not his feeling but the mental attitude of United Nations functionaries back in the years before the remainder of the human race believed North Korean Peninsula was in serious trouble. Other Western heads figured that all the horror narratives coming from existent eyewitnesses were some sort of South Korean secret plan to do the North expression bad. The South Koreans on their portion thought the North Koreans were making all this up to squash more than assistance and understanding from their neighbors. "Smart" people who work at the Pentagon looked for mass Graves with their artificial satellite photography, as one normally sees such as hills during dearths as in Africa. No mounds. Must be no graves. Must be no famine. Others knew the truth but downplayed it so as not to affront the NK authorities and injury atomic negotiations.

And today it would look that history is repeating itself. Though organisations have got painstakingly sent interviewers to listen to independent narratives from individual refugees. Though these eyewitnesses without documentation go on to state the same narrative of the horrors of North Korea. Though escapees and deserters fall in in the chorus, compose books, make websites, there is
still a grouping of politically elect folks in Eastern U.S. metropolises who believe just like the no-holocaust crowd. They are in denial of the existent North Korea. They state us it's not really that bad. They state Kim is being victimized. They state it's all political. They state Shrub is the problem.

We Christians cognize about this phenomenon. In the first century Jesus Of Nazareth told His people they would be witnesses. That was a promise, not a command. Witnesses see things. If you don't see anything, you don't state anything. Makes sense to me. We've got trusters running around today like the seven boys of Sceva in Acts Of The Apostles 19. They cognize the name of Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth and seek to utilize it to advance thier ain interests, but they've never seen Jesus or known Him. They are false witnesses.

And yes, there are a batch of people who have got been to North Korea. Ambassadors. Politicians. But when they are there they see what they are supposed to see and that's it. They come up back, unsighted witnesses, telling us to throw our peace and not believe everything we're hearing. They're afraid to light more than conflict.

Personally, I desire to go on to see through the eyes of those who have got lived there, grown up under these unusual and atrocious ways, and been forever damaged . I take to believe those who cognize the prison houses from the inside, not satellite picture taking guesswork. I take to believe those who have got got starved in North Korea, over the soft Washingtonians who may have never missed a repast in their lives. I take to believe ex-guards from North Korean prison houses over newsmen jump by a political party line and a salary.

Truth is more than of import now than all the atomic bombs set together. We have got seen what lies will do. Rake the screen off North Korean Peninsula though the malodor is overwhelming, and allow the healing visible light of Truth do it anew.

That's my supplication anyway. And my Supreme Being can make all this and more. Let's maintain praying.

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