Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Reality's Real Life Matrix

In the popular Trilogy, The Matrix, human perceptual experience of world is actually a computing machine based computer simulation designed to forestall world from seeing the truth. There actually is a existent life matrix, and it too is designed to forestall world from seeing the Truth. This Matrix is designed by God. In this article series, we've been calling it The Three Thousand Illusions. Reology is the agency to detect it, and the Truth it camouflages.

OK, so you're thinking, now I've heard it all. How farcical tin person be to claim there actually is a existent matrix, and it's designed by God, so world cannot see the truth! What some people won't state to sell a book. Those of you thinking this are cogent evidence of how truly effectual God's Matrix is.

If you have got got been following the articles of Reology and the Three Thousand Illusions, you already cognize these Illusions mention to both the agency we world have to comprehend reality, and the "substance" this world dwells of. Specifically, we are referring to the aim and subjective percepts that define world and the substance and energy, and space and time, which define reality.

If we look at these in an overall or wide perspective, we can easily see that we, substance and energy, space and time, and the full existence are all simply one and the same thing, with an unbelievable figure of fluctuations or identities. In other words, we as humans, are one version of mama and energy's word form in space and time. So are all the other things we comprehend in existence, from the most basic element, hydrogen, to the biggest galaxy. Each and every thing we cognize about and are yet to detect is nil more then some alone personal identity whose singularity is derived from some particular combination of substance and energy in space and time. So alone are these combinations, not even two of the same personal identity are alike.

This is astonishing stuff. It do everything completely alone and different from everything else. Imagine, with all the atoms that exist, and all the molecules they form, and all the chemical compounds these form, and all the life word forms these create, every single 1 is completely unique. Then, on top of all this, 1 of these forms, the one called human, can make something none of the others can. This word word form believes and wonders, and questions, and happens the agency to detect and create.

This form is the lone 1 that tin make these things. In doing them, this word form have learned, and goes on to larn how to place and define all the other word forms in existence! This word form then works with all these other word word forms to make even newer forms that would never have got existed on their own! And this human word word form have got managed to carry through all this in a comparative oculus blink of an eye in footing of how long all the other word forms have been in being before the human form appeared!

If there really is a true life Matrix, the above scenario certainly would look to be an incredibly imaginative disguise for it! Are it really possible this is all portion of some unbelievable Matrix?

How dry that one of the enterprises of this alone word form of creative activity we name world is the preoccupation with knowing the beginning of itself and everything else. It is something world have got attempted to reply for as long as we have cognition of humanity's history. We label this enterprise Mythology, Religion, Philosophy, and Science. It's as though this enterprise is an built-in portion of our alone brand up, something wired into our mind that we are born with. We just have got to cognize where we came from.

The Matrix states us we are just portion of the development of substance and energy's alone combinations, that sooner or later, we were jump to look on the scene. As life word forms advanced in complexity, so too makes their cerebral abilities, and it was just a substance of certain evolutionary accommodations to DNA, that would bring forth humanity. Most people like this explanation. It looks to suit and do good sense too. But then it would have got to if the Matrix is a good one, and this Matrix is 2nd to none. After all Supreme Being designed it.

How? By making all of existence's alone personal identity look existent and evolved, when instead it is actually illusion, but semblance that tin actually look existent and evolved in this blink of an eye of observation discovered by Measure Mechanics Uncertainty Principle and Collapse of Wave Function. Very simply, we are the semblance of ourselves as physical beings, as is everything that appears to be made of substance and energy in space and time. God's Matrix is incredibly simple, yet incredibly effective. It's God's design. Who can better on it?

Why would Supreme Being designing this matrix to get with? What is its purpose?

To forestall us from seeing the Truth, His Truth, so that we are motivated to utilize the free volition He created us with to seek out His Truth and detect It on our own. Bashes this mean value Supreme Being is deceiving us? Not in the least, because He uncovers this to us through His Word in the Bible. It's our pick whether to believe it or not.

In some respects we've actually been doing a pretty good occupation in our find of His Truth, as our version of creative activity is very similar to His. Our apprehension of reality, especially through Measure Physics, is again, very similar to His version. In other areas, we are not doing such as a good occupation of discovery, because we've allowed conflict, human suffering, abuse and the devastation of our World and its other dwellers to intensify to epidemic proportions. These are the countries that count the most.

There are two ways to take from. Some of us have got in fact establish His Truth by trusting in the religion He states is required to cognize Him. Others still take a firm stand on placing person mind over God's. But then, this is exactly what His Matrix lets us to do. Which way have got you chosen?

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