Saturday, January 26, 2008

Book Review - Beautiful Behaviors by Chris Schimel

Redefining Christian Behavior to Reflect the Radiance of Christ

Chris Schimel computer addresses the topic of developing Christian behavior in this new and of import Negro spiritual guidebook. From the very first page of "Beautiful Behaviors" Chris challenges the reader to analyze the spiritual traditions that have got molded personal limitations and behavior and how this impacts accepting the emancipating freedom that come ups with following Christ.

Chris utilizes narratives from existent life, his ain experiences in ministry, and illustrations from Bible applications to show God's generous gift of saving grace and His unmerited favor. These illustrations show the importance of meeting people where they are and allowing God's Spirit to make the work of "the utmost makeover" as searchers go following of the theoretical account and illustration of the life of Christ. Scripturally based with foundational truths Schimel's authorship vibrates with the ideal that when Christians theoretical account Christ's character, love and forgiveness, the Holy Place Spirit will finish the work of repentance, renewal and regeneration.

The chapter dealing with recognizing the value of the beauty of laughter was very insightful. Reflecting on rules of restoration, resolution, and damages through forgiveness had a profound impact on me, personally. Chris also gave me enormous penetrations into transforming Christian behavior into beautiful behaviours by being constrained through love. I also appreciated the demand to acknowledge the artlessness of children, the powerfulness of a "high five," and the alone diverseness of Negro spiritual gifts and abilities for every individual within the Christian church body, including the children and youth.

Chris utilizes thought agitative and ambitious thoughts which many may experience are on the border of being radical. I was quite surprised and pleased to recognize that my place Christian church is acknowledging and practicing some of these very same "cutting edge" principles.

"Beautiful Behaviors" is an effectual personal attack with suggestions for facilitating renewal and dynamical new percepts of how Christians can
reflect the glorification and fictional character of Christ's brightness to honour Him through awe encompassed, authentic, non judgmental love.

Schimel offers practical, instructional, and inspirational, guidelines which can be adapted by Christians everywhere to convey freedom, forgiveness, and fulfilment and to make a new freshness within the Christian community.

As reviewed for Middle West Book Review.

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