Thursday, January 10, 2008

Feat Of The Photia - Letting Your Light Shine Regardless Of Results

Just like a metropolis built upon the side of a mountain we are the photia shining in the darkness. And we reflect within each house of that city, put high upon a lamp-stand sol all tin see.

As the Body of Jesus we are meant to be consumed. We are meant to be devoured as a community. It is our glorification and our award to perish while consumed, nourishing the 1 who eats us. As we dwell our corporate Life we nourish the 1 who consumes us with new Life. And it is our duty to do ourselves appealing to this 1 and to everyone else so they will desire to devour us.

When we are eaten we give those who eat us all our approvals and Life. We nourish them and construct them up even if we are only Bread for one day. So we are appealing and they desire more than of us. This is why we are called salt of the earth. We are sealed as the Earth and we add appealing spirit to the Bread and Body of Christ. We do people desire to savor us and desire to eat more--to eat every day.

If we lost our spirit we would be thrown out and trodden under the feet of people. This would be the worst that could happen. This would be our end. We make not belong under the feet of people but under the feet of Jesus. When we are consumed as the Bread and Body of Jesus we are not overcome. Rather we give of our corporate Body, giving our corporate Life just as we have got died day-to-day as individuals.

So we nourish those who eat us, dying to give them new Life just as Jesus Of Nazareth died to give us new Life. This is why we are sealed as a corporate Body also, so we may nourish and construct up each individual who savors of us. We are also called the visible light of the world. A metropolis upon a versant can not be covered in darkness. Everyone above and below it can see its lights. So is it also in each house in that city.

Nobody visible lights a lamp and fells it under a bushel-basket. Instead they raise the lamp up high and topographic point it upon a lamp-stand sol it may give light to everyone in the house. So our visible lights reflect before people. When people see our visible lights shine, they acknowledge our Father in Heaven. This is what we reflect for. We desire people to acknowledge Supreme Being when they see us. It doesn't substance if they believe Him or oppose Him. They simply must acknowledge Him.

The ground we make not put the lamp under a bushel-basket is that it is the measuring of the harvest. The crop is how many people believe in our instruction and go sealed. If we were concerned only with such as consequences of sending the message we would conceal our visible lights under the measurement. We make not make this. Regardless of how few or how many believe us we go on to direct our message and radiance our light.

We are the visible visible light of the metropolis upon the mountainside. We are the photia which reflect in the darkness so everyone may see the city. And in each individual house we are put high upon the lamp-stand sol the whole house may be enlightened. As the photia shining brightly in each house we are not hidden under a bushel handbasket of measuring of the harvest. However few or however many believe us we will go on to reflect our visible light until we fall in Father, Son, Holy Place Spirit, and saints in Heaven.

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