Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Shopping At Ross As A Metaphor For Life

Not too many statute miles from where I live, there is a shopping center. In it are, among other things, an Office Max and a Ross. Right adjacent to each other. A lucifer made in Heaven to my manner of thinking.

This past Saturday, I had a demand of a few of the things that Office Max sells. Also, I am beginning my research into a new undertaking chair to set in presence of our computer. The 1 I am sitting in is probably six old age old and not all that comfy any more.

I make not travel to Office Max every clip I travel to Ross. However, every clip I travel to Office Max, I always travel to Ross. What makes this say about me? Now, I don't believe re-writable CDs, and pens and paper have got less cosmic significance than clothing and accoutrements and small frou-frou things that sit down around the house (which I make seek to maintain to a minimum). Well, all right maybe. It's just that, much as I love writing and all the things that spell with it, I'd rather be looking at a nice sweater or a colourful skirt.

When you travel to Ross, you can't be in a hurry. There's no, "I'll just dart in and pick up a new shirt and be on my manner again" to it at all. It takes patience. You never cognize what superb deal you will find. On one visit, I set together three whole outfits for about $45. But it took clip and looking at everything. Had I been in a hurry, I would have got missed it all.

Today's human race is so hurry-up, acquire there and acquire it done, that I inquire what we are missing. Probably manner too much. That old expression about taking clip to odor the roses is truer today than it ever was.

At the same clip that you can't be in a hurry, it is good to have got some kind of plan. Some basic thought about what you might want. Or you could swan aimlessly for a couple of hours and pass manner more money than you intended. Maybe a new shirt and a brace of blue jeans would be good. You head for the racks and racks and racks of jeans. But you don't happen any that are what you are looking for (mainly that would be something Iodine don't have got to hem...I detest hemming and being vertically acquire the idea). But along the way, you happen a really great sweater at a really great terms that some client just stuck in the center of all the blue jeans when she decided she didn't desire it after all.

In life, it is good to have got a plan. Plans maintain us on path and moving forward (we just rented and watched "Meet the Robinsons" and so I have got Keep Moving Forward stuck in my brain). However, it is also a good thought to be flexible and willing to change those programs as fortune demand. You never cognize what will go on and to lose a good chance because it wasn't in your programs would be silly.

On the other hand, while shopping at Ross, it is also a good thought to maintain your focus, as much as possible. It is so easy to acquire distracted. Okay, I went in for a shirt and a brace of jeans, but I establish this really great sweater. Maybe now I necessitate a cunning skirt to travel with it. Oh! Wait a minute, what about the shirt?

While it's good to be flexible, sometimes the result of your program is worthwhile and must be pursued to its conclusion. Otherwise, you might never carry through anything in life. Kind of like when I started to make clean out closets in the public utility room and I establish there were many things in them that should actually be in the garage. Next thing I know, I'm cleaning the garage, having completely forgotten about the public utility room. I come up back into the house, so very pleased with what I complete in the garage to happen the public utility room is still in complete disarray.

There is a scientific discipline fiction book written by Alan Dean Foster. Bad Mister Foster, but I don't retrieve the title. It's been a few old age since I read it. There is a female fictional character in it who is vindicated in her belief, when a vastly scientifically superior society of foreigners asseverates that the chief intent in life is to shop; that shopping defines life (yes, scifi can be humorous and not just about gadgets). It's all in how you look at things. I seek to be unfastened adequate to larn my life lessons from a Hallmark Card commercial, if that's where I happen them.

Keep your eyes and head open. You can happen meaning, intent and apprehension in the least of things and the silliest of places. You might be surprised at what shopping (or cleansing the garage) can learn you about life your life.

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