Monday, February 11, 2008

The Learning Curve

How It All Began

YOU can make ONE million dollars JUST BY reading THIS ARTICLE. Are that an attending grabber or what? Ads like this is how I ended up where I am today. Let me present myself. My name is Andrew, former existent life worker but some day, future celebrated and ill-famed author as well as cyberspace billionaire. I am currently unemployed and fastly becoming unemployable. How did this happen, well, long narrative short Iodine lost my job. In the scuffle to reorder my life I decided to make something that I have got been wanting to make all my life, be a writer. So that's what I did. No 1 told me that just because Iodine could compose that I would acquire to compose and acquire paid, at least not correct away.

Not Sir Leslie Stephen or a King

I worked really difficult to compose and happen out everything I could about writing and in a few short calendar months I landed a staff topographic point with Literafeelya Magazine, an online ezine. I also made some money with Associated Content and Letter Rep but it was never enough. Being the impatient individual that I am, I decided to ship on a side calling as an cyberspace empire builder. Again, no 1 told me the difficult hitting facts. While working on my writing, I began to larn everything that I could on how to begin a profitable cyberspace business. The mechanics were fairly easy after some trial and mistake but the application, well, let's just state you can read it but nil compares to existent human race experience. I establish out what sells on the cyberspace the most. Hold on to your pants, this is a large secret. What sells the most on the cyberspace is information. Holy Place Cow! You intend to state me that an information gathering, retrieval, and dispensing system actually have do it possible for people to do money on just information alone. Well, yeah, but I couldn't see the wood for the trees. During this clip of learning, I was also and still am busy acquisition my #1 craft, writing. I learned a batch of things along the manner but here are what I believe are the most important.

You can NOT acquire something for nothing. No substance how many modern times you see this on the nett with the aliases, program, plan, system, or secret, I repeat, YOU can NOT get something FOR NOTHING. You must work for what you earn. Grade strategies and multilevel selling only works for the few on top and those few program to remain on top. They make not desire to share their piece of the pie no substance how much they state you that they do.

You don't cognize everything. I thought that I really knew how to compose and I thought that I really knew the internet. What Iodine establish out what exactly how much I really didn't cognize and that what I did cognize was very little. Since coming to this revelation, I have got made it a personal campaign to larn as much as I can about whatever it is that I do. Yet, there is always more than to know, we can never cognize it all. NO person IS AN island (politically rectify statement). We all demand help. We all work together whether we cognize it or not. When I realized this, things began to do more than sense. I wasn't getting where I wanted to acquire because I was doing it alone. I wrote to editors and I tried to begin websites but many of the things I did failed. Why? Because I thought of myself as doing it alone and not as portion of a team, so I didn't handle anything like a squad effort. Everything takes time. This is ego explanatory, to me. If it isn't to you than I can not explicate it, you (your self) have got got to explicate for you.

Could I Be A Bill Without A Gate?

During my acquisition curved shape with my authorship I have started to do some headway. Also with my cyberspace aspirations, I am slowly coming along. I cognize I have got got the possible to make both of these things well and in fact I have, but not with the success I had in head when I first started. I maintain waiting for my room access of chance to magically unfastened but truly, I have got to make the room access in the first place. My Great American Novel is just waiting to be finished and my Internet concern is sitting in the information watercourse biding its clip until it can take over the full web. Seriously though, I have got got had a batch of ups and down feathers on my journeying but it is a journeying that I would take again to larn what I have learned. Now, I was and am still faced with the annoying job of making some money to back up myself and my family. Darn it, pesky money! As far as my authorship calling is concerned, things are picking up. Internetly speaking, I just started. I have got had a few land sites up and down and one still waiting to be finished, and then I realized something huge. In order to succeed, you have got got to have patience. You have got to lodge with a thing until it states you that it is done. So that's exactly what I put out to do.

Big Dreams Begin Off Small

About a hebdomad ago, I started a blog on Blogger. I told myself to take it easy and still ended up with four blogs, all interconnected. Now I cognize that a batch of people have got more than than one blog but I was just trying to acquire my feet wet and maintain them that way. I am happy to state though that the major work on these blogs is mostly done. I am happy with how they look and hopefully they will only acquire better. So what's the problem? Well after dealing with all the set up, content, links, monetizing, SEO, advertisement infinitum, I have got one problem, I don't cognize if it really is right. The people stopping point to me like what I have got done but they are close to me and very few. So...I decided to compose this article and set the inquiry out there, on the nett while following the regulations of what Iodine have got learned as outlined above.

You can NOT acquire something for nothing. I have got free golf course and ebooks on my blog that are available to any 1 who takes a expression see, and gives me their honorable opinion. Other than that, I can offer a cordial Thank You.

You must work for what you earn. I mean to take all the unfavorable judgment I acquire and usage it, no substance how fiddling or how huge.

You don't cognize everything. I necessitate people to state me what I am lacking because if I don't cognize its missing how will I know? Duh!

NO person IS AN ISLAND. So many people can be reached via the nett that it would be negligent of me not to shout out for help. Some volition aid and some won't. I'll be thankful to both groups. The few who desire to help, really desire to assist and the many who don't would probably give me bad advice anyway.

Everything takes time. I am dedicated to the long draw with what I have got created. It will be profitable, even if I don't do any money. "Experience like this tin not be bought and readying can not be taught." Quotation Mark from me.

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