Monday, February 4, 2008

Caught Up, But When? A Look At The Rapture Of The Church

God's Garden is overproduction with weeds. To acquire to the fruit can be a time-consuming
work, but certainly it is deserving the effort. What theoretically could be a wealthiness of comfortableness and
joyousness for God's people have go a mire of complication. But no wonder. Both Jesus Of Nazareth and
Alice Paul introduced their instruction about these substances with the same warning:

Matthew 24:4b, "Take attentiveness that no 1 deceives you."

two Thessalonians 2:3a, "Let no 1 lead on you by any means."

If Supreme Being have warned us of the possibility of deception, it follows that much deception
is "out there." Look around. Every conceivable theory of His approaching tin be establish in one
book or another. Yet we are commanded not to be deceived. There must be a manner to obey
this word. That manner is to pray, wait, survey the original instructions of the Prophets and apostles,
wait, compare Bible to Scripture, wait. Patience is the cardinal ingredient in determination the
perfect volition of God. Teachers can take us so far. Survey and supplication will take us all the way
there but not by tomorrow morning. Keep digging, maintain waiting, maintain listening. Be wise. Supreme Being desires us to acquire this, and all His issues, but they take time. There is no fast nutrient in God's

Word. Even our redemption came slowly, slowly, as Supreme Being prepared our heart, perhaps for many
years. Avoid the speedy hole theologians. Dig it out piece by piece.

Before defining terms, these remarks about why we even necessitate to speak about the
catching up of the Church. Let me begin by sharing words of the darling apostle Alice Paul , words
of comfortableness to the Thessalonian Church :

I Thessalonians 4:17-18, 5:10-11, two Thessalonians 2:2, 16-17: "...thus we shall always
be with the Lord. Therefore comfortableness 1 another with these words....whether we wake
or slumber we should dwell together with Him. Therefore comfortableness each other...(do) not be soon
shaken in head or troubled...may our Godhead Jesus Of Nazareth Jesus Himself...comfort your hearts..."

What was going on in the Church there that so shook the trusters and elicited this
lavish of comfort? Well, person was circulating the false instruction that Jesus Of Nazareth had already
come, and that they, the Thessalonian Church, had been left behind. The letters making the
units of ammunition actually tire Paul's signature! (II Thessalonians 2:2) Alice Paul rapidly makes away with
that impression and any similar impression for all clip by giving to the Church a mark of Jesus' coming,
the very same mark that was given by Jesus Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Of Nazareth Himself in Saint Matthew 24: The entranceway of antichrist
into the Temple of Supreme Being and the subsequent desolating struggle that follows.

II Thessalonians 2:3b, "...that Day will not come up unless the falling away come ups first,
and the adult male of sinfulness is revealed, the boy of perdition, who...sits in the temple of God."
Compare this to what Jesus said in response to his disciples' petition for a sign. "What shall be the mark of your coming, and of the end of the age?" they asked. The answer:

Matthew 24:15, 16, 21, "...when you see the abomination of devastation spoken of by Daniel
the prophet, standing in the holy place...flee...for then there will be great tribulation, such as as
have not been since the beginning of the human race until this time, no, nor ever shall be."

Jesus (or is it Saint Saint Matthew through the Spirit? ) adds: (24:15) "Whoever reads, allow him understand." So
this is not only for the people who experienced 40 old age later the devastation of Jerusalem
by the Romans, but for those who will in coevals to come up read this prognostication and seek to
do sense of it, for the mark is still ahead of us.

In order for this event to occur, there must first be an antichrist, and a Temple for him
to enter. The antichrist, called "the adult male of sin" is still in earth's future. As for
the Judaic Temple, it have been in the planning phases on earth, allow alone Heaven, for many
years, and will lift when the clip is near.

And the rise of Antichrist will be made possible when there is an ambiance on earth
that is so foreign to the things of Supreme Being that he will be welcome. Alice Paul names it in two Thessalonians
2:3, the "falling away" and here he utilizes a word from which we derive the word
"apostasy." It is a negative word, a word connotating rebellion and rebellion, much like the description
of the years of Nimrod in Genesis and Josephus. Alice Paul sees an full human race basically unconcerned about Supreme Being with lone pockets of onfire
trusters here and there, a Christian church given over to this human race culturally, musically, and all
the rest, including its basic philosophy. So the professing Christian church will assist to make a vacuum
which Antichrist will fill. Oh what mode of work force we ought to be! It is not a clip for
letting go, but for going deeper and deeper into the love, holiness, power, and disclosure of

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