Monday, September 1, 2008

Watchers in The Storm

For he shall give his angels complaint over thee, to maintain thee in all thy ways. (Psalm 91:11 KJV)

Every nighttime I pray, "Dear Godhead environ our place with Your mighty angels. Protect our place and our hearts". I cognize He hears my prayers, what a comfortableness to my heart.

Two nighttimes ago we were awakened at one o'clock a.m. by what sounded like an detonation of boom and lightning. We jumped out of bed, startled to wakefulness, and discovered our artificial satellite television receiving system would not work. Trying to acquire a weather condition study I went to my computing machine only to happen no dial tone of voice for my dedicated cyberspace line. Everything else seemed to be okay. The powerfulness did not travel out and the violent storm seemed to go through quickly.

Thankful for the much needful rainfall we have got been indoors for the last two days. We haven't had television but that is not always a bad thing. The rainfall stopped late yesterday afternoon and my hubby went outside to check up on on his shop. He called to me, "Angela, you necessitate to come up see this."

I went out the backdoor and there below our electrical metre box where the lines travel into the land it looked like an detonation had occurred. The country on the land where the lines are buried the soil appeared to be exploded away. Like person had set a stick of dynamite there and lit it. There was a three ft deep hole remaining around our electrical lines. The thick polyvinyl chloride tobacco pipe surrounding the electrical wires was cracked.

He said, "Go telephone call the Electricity department, we have got a problem!"

I replied, "Yep" as I dialed the phone.

Joe Sir Mortimer Wheeler Electric Company arrived a few proceedings later. After review they said lightning had hit the transformer and it would have got to be replaced. The lineman in complaint asked my hubby if we had any jobs with electricity inside the house. My hubby told him about the television receiving system and the telephone line.

The adult male said, "You people certain are blessed. I have got got been doing this for 30 old age and I have never seen lightning halt outside a house before. I have got never seen it detonate into the land instead of following the lines into the house. Usually when this haps every electrical mercantile establishment in the house is fried and all the visible light bulbs burst. Most of the clip the house catches fire as a result. I have got never seen this before".

They replaced the transformer and the wiring. The adult male was still astonied when they left.

My supplication last nighttime was full of congratulations and thanksgiving to Supreme Being for protecting us and sending His mighty angels to discourage the lightning.

Praise Supreme Being for the angels He directs to maintain ticker twenty-four hours and night.

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