Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lost Souls Do Rituals

Some psyches are desperately seeking Godhead and are having problem determination Him. Some recognize that Unconditional Love is Creator, and Unconditional Love in our Black Maria is ageless life. They cognize clip is short and we are in the end times. They cognize they have got small clip left to happen Him, even though they cognize He is everywhere.

We cognize Godhead is everywhere, so why is it so difficult for so many to happen Him? They travel to Christian church every Sunday, they read Bible as a rite every morning time or evening, and yet they feel that He makes not truly dwell in their Black Maria as a driving, compelling force, as an acutely witting Presence.

Creator is Unconditional Love. We can certainly ask for Unconditional Love into our hearts. In Christian Religion they state members of the Christian churches to ask for Jesus Of Nazareth into their hearts. But obviously they make not understand what that could intend because love and compassionateness are missing in the Christian churches.

The secret of life is in giving. It is as we give that we receive. It is as we give unconditional love to others without judgement that we ask for unconditional love into our hearts. And it works!

Having unconditional love residing in my bosom is absolutely fantastic! I experience Creator's enduring Presence, and His enormous warm, love and compassion. He ushers me in my day-to-day walking in a state of Negro spiritual consciousness that is heartwarming. I never experience alone or unloved.

This enduring Presence of our celestial Father is available to everyone. When we take to love God, others and ourselves unconditionally without judgment, we have got started on the Negro spiritual journeying into Creator's celestial Kingdom. There is no clip to lose. Many volition get their amazing journeying today, starting with a decision. We will see that the near we travel to Creator, the less we experience compelled to make rituals, and the less demand we have got for religion. We will have got a warm, loving Negro spiritual walking with our celestial Father.

Warm thoughts--see you when we ran into together in the warm, loving presence of our celestial Father, Jesus, and the saints and prophets.

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