Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The Real Change That Happened on Election Day 2008 is Within

My lifework affects facilitating groupings in which we "listen each other into existence," and the Sessions I've led since November 4, 2008, have got evidenced a elusive displacement in the quiver of the sharing, reflecting a quickening of transformation.

Something absolutely changed that evening--for the nation, for the world, and for people receptive to the change. As soon as I heard the news of Obama's triumph I felt a knot loosen deep in my belly, in a quiet topographic point where I didn't even cognize I had a place.

Listening since to people in their bends show what have been shifting within them have led me to understand that whatever haps from now on in the human race "out there," the alteration have happened. It's done! I feel a release of possibility like a soundless lighning thunderbolt zapping through the corporate soul. That displacement is now within each of us in our ain manner and it is up to each of us to listen to and flowing with that change.

We cannot cognize how fortune will blossom in the human race of matter, but if we have the elusive displacement that have already happened within us we will go ever more than witting stewards--and main executives--of our ain life energy.

We are living in a clip where enlightened leading accomplishments are being modeled on the human race phase on a degree at which professional excellence rans into Negro spiritual development. Talk about an speeded up acquisition environment!

One of the personal effects I've noticed within me is a still little voice repeating the mantra "Yes Iodine can." Can you hear something like that for yourself when you let the hush for it to emerge?

It takes great hearing to interpret the alteration that is happening within you to an outer form. Find the hearers in your life and inquire for--and give to them--the sweet and undivided attending it takes to be listened into our ever-evolving existence.

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