Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Earth Is Open For Business

The door swung open, the visible lights immediately lit up and the "Open" mark turned itself on. Thousands of multi-colored dressed and capped beingnesses turned up for the first twenty-four hours of the new business. World was finally unfastened and the offers were amazing. Each participant had high hopes for the perfect purchase or gift depending upon the situation.

Upon entering the newly opened World Atmosphere, Samuel strolled over to the Abundance subdivision to see how much he might desire to take home. Wow! What an mixture of everything. There simply was no deficiency of anything at all. Well, perhaps he would take as much as he needed for right now and then come up back for more than future because it would always be here - now that World was unfastened for business, that is - and he felt very certain that he would not ever deficiency for anything.

Sam's friend, Sally, was so excited because she had spied the Forgiveness racks and they were absolutely over-filled with every word form of forgiveness possible. There was the remotion of the fearfulness of betrayal, the letting spell of long-held past maltreatment remembrances, the absolution of ancient guilts, the dissolving of household fearfulnesses and insecurities and most of all, the very, very best, there was the whole shelf of self-forgiveness for every ill-formed thought and action that could be imagined. Wisecrack opened up her shopping bag and filled it absolutely full - a small from this shelf and a small from that. She knew she might not necessitate it all right now, yet putting a spot away for a clip of exigency certainly couldn't hurt.

Joan was walking down the street, waving in the window at Surface-To-Air Missile and Sally. She was headed down to the corner where there was the very best trade name of peace she had ever heard of in her life. This peace did not experience the mutual opposition of its spouse war. It simply was - peace - all by itself, nicely packaged with love, caring, nurturing and bliss. She had promised herself that when World opened, she would purchase adequate peace to take place and go through out to everyone who came to visit. And now the clip had come, the twenty-four hours was here and Joan was delighted to happen that peace also came in different colours and flavors. Oh, this was really the very best, wasn't it? So, it didn't substance how different her friends might be or feel, she would have got exactly the right type of peace to administer when they arrived.

Just then a passenger car passed with a brightly-lit mark attached to the side - "Follow me to Unconditional Love" it read. Many folks had begun following the passenger car to the parkland where a collapsible shelter had been put up and was now surrounded by 100s of children and grownups receiving unconditional love from the purveyors in the tent. This was very particular because these World gifts were for free and anyone could have got them at anytime they desired. There was always adequate and the collapsible shelter was never empty. So it would remain up for old age to come up up attracting old and immature alike who would come here in droves to banquet on the peculiar delectation of receiving and giving unconditional love without any fearfulness of need.

Joan decided to follow the passenger car after finishing her peace shopping trip and on the manner she gathered Surface-To-Air Missile and Wisecrack to attach to her. "Isn't this the most dramatic planet gap you have got ever been to?" she asked her friends. "Earth beingnesses really cognize how to make it, don't they? Everything that a bosom could desire is here. Did you hear that the planet is going to keep the possibility of being unfastened for billions of old age and that the dwellers are going to let themselves to make better and better merchandises as clip travels on? It certainly is a particular clip and place. I cognize I will be coming back for more than than and more. How about you?"

Sam and Wisecrack shook their caputs in agreement. Each of them knew the infinite possibilities of the newly opened planet - now that World was unfastened for business. They walked along, sharing Joan's peace, arriving at the unconditional love collapsible shelter in plentifulness of clip to fill up their psyches full of its offers before their ship came to take them back place - place to distribute the word that World had opened its bosom and was now in the concern of Infinite Possibilities, holding its door unfastened to the full Universe.

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